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Review Fujifilm 23mm F2.0 – One Lens to Rule Them All

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Review Fujifilm 23mm F2.0 – One Lens to Rule Them All

Review Fujifilm 23mm F2.0

Even though I carried a bag with three lenses in it during my 3 weeks trip through Portugal one lens was almost glued to my Fujifilm X-T20, the Fujifilm 23mm F2.0 WR. I haven’t checked the numbers but I would estimate that I took approximately 75% of all the photos with that lens. The Fujifilms 23mm F2.0 WR FF equivalent focal length of  35mm is simply awesome to cover everything from Landscape to Portraiture. Of course, shooting portraits with 35mm FF equivalent lens with a widest aperture of F2.0 is not easy and you won’t get a creamy smooth bokeh but it is great to for portraits with the surrounding environment in the frame. The Fujifilm X-T20 paired with the small, lightweight and compact Fujifilm 23mm F2.0 WR is in my eyes the perfect combination to take wherever you go.

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Handling and Build Quality

Even though I used to own the Fujifilm 23mm F1.4 I was never really convinced by the lens. Sure, the focal length is the same, but the sheer size and weight of the Fujifilm 23mm F1.4 were just to much to handle for me. Especially as it was meant to be my to go lens. It was just too big and heavy. The Fujifilm 23mm F2.0 WR with its only 200gr and very compact dimensions suits me way better. The overall build quality of the lens is very good. Nothing feels lose or easy to break. I am sure the lens can take the one or other knock without immediately falling apart. The generell shape of the lens is something one needs to get used to but in my eyes it is not as worse as some other people claim. The lens is just not pretty 😛 The weather resistance is a neat feature but only then useful if paired with a weather resistant body. Nothing my Fujifilm X-T20 can claim for itself.

Technical Specifications

Field of View63.4°
Dimensionsø 60mm x 51,9mm
Filter Threadø 43mm
Focal Lengthf=23mm (KB: 35mm)
Depth of FieldNormal
22cm - ∞
0.7 m - 3.0 m
Max. ApertureF2.0
Max. Magnification0,13x
Min. ApertureF16
TypeXF23mmF2 R WR
Weight180 g

Image Quality

I find the image quality to very good across the entire aperture range. Even at the widest aperture the corners a still useable. Stoped down a little bit the entire frame is razor sharp. The bokeh, as far as possible with a lens with an open aperture of 2.0 on a crop body, is very pleasing. The bokeh is very unobstrusive and smooth. The close-up limit of just 10cm is great, the Fujifilm 23mm F2.0 WR can almost be used for macro work 😉 Something that has been bothering me in the past with Fujifilm lenses is how they render “stars” around light sources. at night. Fortunately, the Fujifilm 23mm. F2.0 handels them pretty well as it can be seen down below – lots of pretty stars.

aljezur sunset blue portugal village



It is honestly pretty difficult to not like the Fujifilm 23mm F2.0 WR. Currently it is definitely my favorite lens and is most of the time glued to my Fujifilm X-T20 body. It is small, lightweight and very robust and can be used for so many different things that it is a must-have lens.

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