An old woman is shopping for fruits

A few days in Barcelona with the Fuji X-T10

Barcelona with the Fujifilm X-T10

4 spring days in Barcelona

It has been a while since my last visit in Barcelona. In fact, it is already 11 years ago that I visited Barcelona on a school trip. So it was about time to explore this wonderful city once again. The initial plan was to fly to Lisboa but as the flight tickets turned out to be much more expensive than expected Barcelona was chosen as alternative – could have gone worse 😉 We stayed at a place called Mapamundo which was decent given the low price. The location was more than decent as Mapamundo is located straight in the Gothic quarter which is between the city center and the waterside. Eben though the city center of Barcelona is quite spacious one can reach every sightseeing spot by foot. Although taking the metro every now and then is not a bad idea 😉

Mojito? Only 5 Euro!

As we were only superficially interested in the typical sightseeing spots we mainly just walked by them and ticked the box on our imaginary Barcelona bucket list. Still, we walked good 10km on average per day. The remainder of the time we spent either on the beach where you can get a massage, a mojito, a colorful blanket a bracelet and heaven knows what else for less than 5 Euro each…and that every 5 minutes. If buying one of those things would have made these street vendors disappear we would definitely had done it but I guess the opposite is true. Still, it is nice having a beach so close to the city!

Shooting with the Fujifilm X-T10

As I recently switched from a Olympus OMD E-M1 to a Fujifilm X-T10 (and soon to a X-Pro 2) I took the chance and took that little camera bit through its paces. Coupled with a Fujifilm 14mm F2.8, a Fujifilm 23mm F2.0 and the Fujifilm 56mm F1.2 the camera does everything one could look for during such a city trip, though it is a bit toooo small for my hands. Every now and than I clicked buttons unintentionally and was then wondering what happened to my settings. All the following pics were taken with the Fujifilm X-T10 and the lenses mentioned before 🙂

People are enjoying the view over Barcelona

Cable car in Barcelona

Spring in Barcelona

barrio gotic

An old woman is shopping for fruits

Two old men are sitting and watching

People in the Barrio Gotic

People enjoying the spring sun in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia with trees

Trees and Sun

Two girls are taking a selfie in fron of the Sagrada Familia

Photo of a group of pupils in Barcelona

Sun is rising in the streets of the barrio gotic

A guy is protesting in Barcelona

A girl is chasing pigeons in Barcelona #Sunny Barrio Gotic in Barcelona

A door in Barcelona

A door in Barcelona

A door in Barcelona

Sun reflecting on a building in Barcelona

Guy looking at the sunny beach in Barcelona

Boats in Barcelona



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