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Travelling through Portugal with the Fujifilm X-T20

Travelling through Portugal for three Weeks with the Fujifilm X-T20

In August I’ve been travelling through Portugal for a good three weeks and I’ve to say that it was amazing! Even though Portugal is pretty close to Germany I’ve never made it there until then. Guess I was just too busy looking for far away places to travel to. Sometimes the good things are closer than one might think 😉 Camera-wise the Fujifilm X-T20 accompanied me. Along with the camera I brought the Fujifilm 14mm F2.8, the Fujifilm 23mm F2.0 and the Fujifilm 56mm F1.2.  Anyway, the trip started with a couple of days in the small city of Faro in the very south of Portugal.

From Faro we took a bus to Lagos, a much bigger and more vibrant city than Faro is. We were greeted with a „welcome to paradise“ which is almost true if you are at one of the many beaches. Unfortunately, most of the beaches were pretty crowed due to high season but we managed to find a small, less crowded beach near the lighthouse. The beach was probably less crowded as it is only accessible by climbing down a small crevice 😛

We the left Lagos, again by bus, to Aljezur a small village at the coast of the Algarve. Aljezur has a very beautiful old town and from the remains of the castle one get a awesome view over the village and its surroundings. Getting to the beach is a bit difficult as no bus or alike goes to the beach, one either has to take a cab, hitchhike or be lucky and get a lift from the hostel 😉

Our next stop, Santiago do Cachem is a little more inland but still close enough to the ocean that it is within a 20 minutes bus ride. During our trip we saw on TV once in a while that forrest fires are a big issue in Portugal but until Santiago do Cachem we didn’t see any. Well, we didn’t see any actual forrest fires in Santiago do Cachem but the huge trail of smoke of a forrest fire nearby (see pictures below).

Lisbon the capital of Portugal is only a two hours bus ride away from Santiago do Cachem and the bus goes a couple of times a day. Being in Lisbon was super interesting as it is so much bigger compared to the small cities and villages we had been to before. I got to admit that I was a bit worried regarding the temperatures forecasted but thanks to the constant breeze it was bearable 😛

After having stayed in Lisbon for 4 days we felt again like staying closer to the beach. So, we took a bus to Nazare. I only knew Nazare from clips like this one. Interestingly Nazare is nothing like that during the summer time. The water is calm and there a no actual waves at all.

Before heading to our last stop we slid in one more stop in our journey. According to plenty of blog posts Coimbra is a must-see city when being in Portugal so we did.

Finally we spent 4 nights in the second biggest city in Portugal, the beautiful city of Porto. Though the 38°C felt more like 45°C we managed to walk more than a solid 10k a day. From the Jardim dos Morros you get the finest views over the city and especially during warm summer evenings it is a super nice spot to relax after a long day of exploring Porto.


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